About Us

About the Organization/Procedure :

  • We represent you in India, Bangladesh, China & take care of your products being sourced from India, Bangladesh & China
  • The promoter of this Company is a leader with nearly 26 years experience in Quality Assurance/Quality Control  /Sourcing/Factory Auditing  &  Process Management with reputed International  Retailers / Buyers / Importers / Domestic Retailers/Textile Industry  of  Europe , USA, Australia  & Asia .
  • We have Expertise in all products mentioned above as our panel of Experts from different fields who can execute the task with required skill & experience.
  • We are proud to say that we deliver the  inspection report to you with highest level of accuracy with all the relevant details /observations/suggestions/supported by digital  snaps /videos .
  • The inspection report will be forwarded  to you as soon as the inspection is completed so that  you can start the further process at your end.
  • All services are offered at competitive prices
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