• Pre Production(Initial) Inspection : Our Inspectors will visit the factory to audit raw material ,components, samples etc. to make sure that the required quality can be integral part during the manufacturing process.
• During Production Random Inspection : During the manufacturing process our Inspector will audit the products which are under production for any defects or deviations from quality parameters . We will suggest the rectification process to streamline the production in terms of quality, colour matching etc..
• Final Random Inspection : Once the merchandise is completely packed & ready , our inspectors will conduct Final inspection based on random selection of products making sure to include all styles /colours/sizes/assortments/markings etc. while checking the Quantity/Quality/Workmanship/Functioning of product/colour /Size/Other specifications/Packaging etc. if it is matching to required specifications.

Standards used for Inspection:
• AQL- MIL-STD 105 D/ABC-STD 105/DIN 40080/BS 6001 –For inspection of piece goods (Garments/Home Furnishing/Hard Goods ) 1.0, etc.
• 4 Point system for Fabric Inspection.

Fabric Inspection

Garment Inspection
Factory Audits (Social Compliance / Technical Capabilities)
• Factory Audits for Social Compliance : Is a way of measuring & reporting on an organization's social and ethical performance. This audit will assess if the Organization is meeting those standards and complying with established policies, operating procedures and national /local laws.
• Factory Audits for Technical Capabilities : This audit will help to find the capable/appropriate vendor /factory base to suit your requirement before your business decision.
Testing Services

• We will collect the sample & send it to Labs for testing the parameters as per your requirement. If required we will also suggest you the tests to be conducted/normal acceptable limits depending on your product range. The test report will be forwarded to you with our additional comments for your reference.

Controlling / Supervision of Raw Cotton /Woolen Bales

• Controlling /Supervision ,right from seal of the containers, Unloading container, Weighing of bale by bale , Assessing any damages if any during transit , Supervision of container loading till sealing. Once all activities are completed we will make the summary report with all the details for loss /excess of weight etc . with vessel details.

• As reqd. by the client we also draw samples from the consignment & get it tested as per requirement.

Inspection of Chemical consignment

• We conduct inspection of chemicals based on the scope of inspection including testing witness.

Inspection of Engineering items

• We conduct inspection of engineering items consignments like , bearings, valves ,tools,Machines etc. as per the requirement of the buyer.

Training to Workers & Staff (Garment/Home Furnishing Factory)

• We are specialized in offering the best Textile Workers Training. We train your staff / workers on Quality Awareness / Quality Improvement, right from fabric stage to finished / packing stage. Our Textile Workers Training results in better understanding of quality of the products. Furthermore, the Textile Workers Training also enhances the motivation level of the staff / workers.

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